Lost in the Digital World

A well-done lament about this digital world and how we lose track of life for it; I am glad this music video made such a contribution to the social conversation. There are some good comments on the YouTube thread that this isn’t about technology being evil – it’s about our experience as a side-effect of what technology does to us. What ways have you found to minimize the dissipation of technology in your life, and to make sure technology is adding, not detracting? As a professional technologist, few ideas of my own:

  1. Enforce unplugged time in your life
  2. Do not use your devices in public if possible. Face-to-face, even with strangers, is always more important.
  3. Never use devices at dinner or other family times.
  4. Don’t be afraid to do things less than optimally by choosing a way that puts some distance between you and the digital.

Ultimately, be aware of the story of your life and avoid those things that weaken it; ask, in what ways is my technology or social media contributing to my story?

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