Metaphysics of Love

Philosophers are taking up the subject of the metaphysics of love. They do what philosophers do best: ask questions. In particular, what is love? What if it’s biological? What if it’s social? While the term “philosophy” might be an immediate turn-off to some, I see profound implications for this study. For Christians, love is a central tenet of the faith and questions of its meaning and origin are pertinent. I don’t easily sway to the “science is completely wrong” side of the tracks, and so I look at these investigations as something that can help to refine our understanding of what love is, especially if we pair it with an understanding of our divine premortal natures and the notion, however you interpret it, that “God is Love”. Discussions such as these UBC professors are undertaking offer a chance to refine, test, and explore our understanding of love, of God, and of ourselves, whether it means gaining an understanding of what scholars can’t understand without divine inspiration, or of what can’t be easily comprehended without intellectual examination.

For an overview of the project and an interview with one of the lead researchers, check out NPR’s article on the subject: Exploring the Metaphysics of Love.

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